KMDG has long provided digital marketing and design services for its clients. As our web services and digital offerings have expanded, we have recommended clients choose HostDime for their hosting needs. For us, there really is no competition when it comes to quality, reliable hosting services with start of the art technology. A local business located in Orlando, Florida, HostDime has one of the premier data centers in this region of the United States. While many companies can tout their credentials of speed, technology, and fast networks, very, very few of them get one important thing right: service!

What's in a Host?

Over the years, the team at KMDG has dealt with literally dozens of hosting companies from all over the world. Whether they offered shared, dedicated or VPS hosting, we've been in and out of numerous hosting plans, dealt with their technicians, and called their 800 numbers. Nearly every single one of them has fallen short in one way or another: lax security procedures, extremely high bandwidth or storage costs, downtime, expensive hourly rates to install what should be included software, and in the case of one provider, a complete server crash with loss of data and 3 days of downtime.

Given our extensive history with hosting providers, when we were introduced to HostDime we were ecstatic! Finally, a host which was responsive, had knowledgeable, friendly technicians, and was willing to help our clients find the right choice of hosting.

Still, we felt that for some clients, we could offer something more. What if we could combine the backbone of HostDime's datacenter with the programming and optimization skills of the KMDG Team?

Our Solution

With standard hosting providers, the host has two choices: 1) restrict the software which can be installed on the server in order to give optimized experience, or 2) allow all software to be installed on the server, at the expense of speed and optimization. Most hosts choose the second of these because it allows them to have a large client base and isn't economical to offer custom performance enhancements at scale. Likewise, many customers are blind to the performance benefits they're missing out on by having a 'one size fits all' approach to hosting. Customers may or may not be able to add these optimizations themselves, but who has the time or expertise for that? Many of them require fine tuning, will only run in certain environments or require steps to be taken beforehand in order to make them work correctly.

The Development Team at KMDG thought our clients deserved the opportunity to have a truly great hosting service. We chose to start a custom hosting solution for our clients that would enable us to provide them with the benefits of HostDime's massive datacenter and service combined with KMDG's ability to fine tune for performance all sites on our servers. Because our development team is actively involved with the build out and maintenance of our client's sites, we are uniquely positioned to know exactly how all of our sites perform, how the work, and what we can do to make them run faster and more reliably.

We have run dozens of tests, crunched the numbers, and scoured the internet for all things fast. The results? A fully customized shared hosting environment with remarkable speed, throughput and security packed full of cutting edge technologies to bring your site to the next level.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

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